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In 1999, Tomoko Kurono set out with a simple mission:

Search every corner of the world for the perfect treatment , a massage that could truly remove negative energy from her body and renew her spirit.She would know when she’d found it, having been born to a mother who was her village’s healer in Osaka, Japan.

Tomoko was raised with a deep understanding of the healing powers of Chi (blood) and Qi (energy).

She found that many massage therapists possessed expert technique, but not many offered a combination of technique and soul. The healing powers of a massage therapist who gives from the heart far surpass the benefits of technique alone.

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Tomoko’s calling was clear.

The next chapter of her journey would be to develop a new, unparalleled massage therapy that alleviated pain and promoted relaxation more effectively than a purely physical treatment.

“I learned to do good for people,” she recalls,“To transcend physical technique and truly give from my heart.”

Tomoko Spa is the culmination of her journey, born with the intent to provide true, deep treatments for not only curing pain, but maintaining the body and soul with a replenishing life force of energy.

The treatments provided at Tomoko have been developed over nine years of professional massage service.

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