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At Tomoko we have signature treatment programs specified to the unique physical, mental and emotional requirements of each guest, aided by the highest-quality organic massage oils and fine aromas. Read more about our treatments below, and speak with one of our friendly staff members read more figure out which is best for you. Prior to treatment, you are entitled to a welcome tea, a light treat and a foot bath (Ashiyu). After your treatment, you may use our facilities to cleanse and clothe in complete privacy. Altogether, you may expect 45 minutes of services in addition to your selected treatment time. Please advise our staff upfront of any special physical conditions such as medical difficulties.

Tomoko massage
(balanced, medium)

The Tomoko promotes a holistic balance by addressing the energy of your medium tissues, combining Swedish techniques with Japanese and other traditions. The massage introduces an oiled palm stroke with circular thumb movements to tired muscles, aiding read more ... the body’s mobility. A warm stone treatment on your back releases further tension, followed by the true highlight of the Tomoko: The Japanese Sake treatment, rebalancing internal body systems via an enhanced focus on the energy centers of the face.

60/80/100/120 minutes + 15 min Detox foot soak – 210/270/330/390 USD

oriental Zenshin Massage

The Zenshin promotes a holistic balance by addressing the energy of your medium tissues, combining Swedish techniques with Japanese and other traditions.This treatment begins with long and soft massage strokes using organic oils and includes a comforting warm towel treatment.

60/80/100/120 minutes-180/240/300/360 USD

oriental    Oriental Massage (Deep, Strong)

The Oriental is a therapeutic treatment combining a full-body special oil massage with acupressure and stretching techniques. The combination treatment enhances blood circulation and releases tension from your stress centers using a thorough manipulation of read more ...muscles and connective tissue, and a variety of massage strokes. The Oriental also features hot stone therapy and two programs of deep-fragrance muscle release creams to promote calmness, improve circulation and relax muscles. This treatment is particularly effective for those suffering from chronic stress, pain or tension.

60/80/100/120 minutes +15 min Detox foot soak – 210/270/330/390 USD

oriental    Iro Iro massage (Asian blend)

A firm-pressure, oil-free massage method, Iro Iro relaxes and energizes your body using the practice of unblocking and balancing energy. The treatment is a blend of Japanese, Thai and Chinese massage traditions. Your therapist’s focus is to correct imbalances and read more ... channel a proper energy flow, encouraging the body’s khi to restore essential vitality and equilibrium. Elongating stretches and rotations of muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons will stimulate flexibility and reduce stress. We will work on all areas and aspects of the body over loose-fitting, comfortable clothes provided by the spa.

60/80/100/120 minutes +  15 min Detox foot soak -210/270/330/390 USD

oriental    Ashiura massage (foot massage)

Reinvigorating the body can be as simple as rebalancing the energy system from the bottom up with reflexology techniques that stimulate proxy nerves throughout the body. The Ashiura program aids in alleviating stress and boosting body circulation with a read more ...concentrated pressure-point therapy for your hands, scalp, feet and lower legs. This treatment possesses the power to boost immunity, prevent disease, reduce pain and fatigue, and reverse low energy levels.

60/80/100/120 minutes +15 min Detox foot soak – 210/270/330/390 USD

oriental    Nimpu massage (pregnancy)

Designed specifically for expectant mothers, Ninpu is an oil-based massage that eases the natural anxieties and tensions endured alongside the beauty of childbearing. The technique adds a respite of comfort and relief to both the mother and baby amid the mental and physical read more ... challenges of pregnancy. We recommend this treatment for pregnancies at least 12 weeks complete. As with any therapeutic approach to pregnancy with their prenatal care provider.

60/80 minutes + 15 min Detox foot soak – 210/270 USD